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We are happy that you have chosen to become a part of the Snyder Construction team!


Please follow along through the modules carefully. There will be an activity at the end of each module that you must complete before you can continue. Continue through the modules until you reach "The Orientation Checklist",

which you will go through with your orientation supervisor.

Construction Project


Module 1 - Employee Information 
Module 2 - Company Rules & Policies 
Module 2.1 - Cybersecurity
Module 2.2 - Probationary Periods
Module 3 - Health Policy 
Module 4 - Chamber of Commerce Benefit Plans
Module 5 - Safety Policy for Vehicles 
Module 6 - Safety Policy for Trailers 
Module 7 - Mandatory Apps for Download 
Module 8 - Discipline 
Module 9 - Paid Holidays
Module 10 - Purchase Order Instructions 
Module 11 - COVID-19 Policy 
Module 12 - Health and Safety Policy 
Module 12.1 - Health and Safety Procedures 1-6 
Module 12.2 - Health and Safety Procedure 7 
Module 12.3 - Health and Safety Procedures 8-10
Module 12.4 - Return to Work 
Module 12.5 Health and Safety Requirements 
Module 13 - Security Clearances 
Module 14 - Orientation Checklist 
Orientation Certificate 


"With everyone's cooperation, Snyder Construction will continue to be a safe and healthy workplace. We realize that health is the key to enjoying work and life in general."


920 Brawley Rd. W.
Ashburn, ON
L0B 1A0

(905) 655 5000

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Construction Workers
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