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Module 2.1

  1. Do not allow unapproved personnel to use your Synder Construction devices like computers and cell phones 

  2. Do not click on emails, links, and pop-ups from unknown or suspicious sources​

  3. Do not use Snyder Construction wifi for personal use or on personal devices

  4. Do not connect to public or unsecured wifi networks using your work devices

  5. Make sure your work devices are password protected

    1. Do not share your password with unapproved personnel

    2. Do not use the same password for multiple purposes/devices

    3. Do not use simple passwords like '1234" or 'password', try to use a combo of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols

  6. If you are stepping away from a work device, do not leave it unlocked

  7. Do not download anything unless you are 100% certain it comes from a trusted source

  8. Do not access or store work information on personal devices

  9. Report any suspicious activity such as unexplained spikes in data usage, unusually short battery life, unprompted webcam/microphone activity, and devices running slower than can be reasonably explained

If you notice any suspicious activity, don't know whether to trust an email/link/pop-up, or simply need help,
it's always better to ASK than to cause a security breach!

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