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Module 2

After reading the following rules and policies,

please complete the quiz to test your knowledge.

**Below the quiz, provide your e-signature before moving on to Module 3.

Company Rules


  1. If hired, a security check must be done. This includes a check on criminal record, credit history, education history and driving to ensure safety on the job. Government checks are done by the OPP and the Province of Ontario.

  2. No smoking on job sites or within company vehicles.

  3. Prescribed or recreational marijuana usage is prohibited on job sites and within company vehicles.

  4. Employees may not enter job sites or company vehicles impaired or unfit for duty.

  5. You may not carry recreational marijuana, prescribed marijuana, illegal drugs, prescribed drugs or alcohol on company sites or in company vehicles. If on medication please review with your doctor and Snyder Construction management if you can work on safety sensitive jobs.

    1. Employees should disclose to supervisor or management if using prescribed or recreational marijuana.

    2. No one is allowed to endanger their safety or the safety of others in any situation by using prescribed medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, illegal drugs, prescribed drugs or alcohol on a worksite or a workday at Snyder Construction.

    3. Prescription of medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, illegal drugs, prescribed drugs or alcohol does not entitle an employee to unexcused absences or late arrival.

    4. Sharing and selling medical marijuana or any prescribed medication is forbidden.

    5. Safety interests of the company will outweigh employees’ privacy interests.

    6. Sub Trades or subcontracts will have drug and alcohol policies that reflect Snyder Construction’s policy in that employees are not to be using or carrying medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, prescription drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol on company sites or in company vehicles.

    7. Breaches of any of these policies will result in immediate disciplinary consequences.

  6. Two 15-minute paid breaks are given, as per the Ministry of Labour, one unpaid 30-minute lunch is given, which is mandatory for office staff.

  7. As per the Employment Standards Act; vacation pay is paid every other week or our payroll week at a rate of 4%.

  8. Employees must download the “Site 2 Site” app and receive a login code from management. This is how employees will sign in and out daily. Cheques are by direct deposit, bi-weekly.

  9. Safety policy must be read and understood, gone over with management, and signed that he or she understands every policy/procedure.

  10. Working at heights and global WHMIS must be taken before an employee can enter a job site.

  11. Safety orientation must be taken before a person goes on a job site, including worker health & safety awareness.

  12. Every employee is responsible to know where to access all SDS binders.

  13. Pickup Material Policy- if you use your truck for pick up or drop off of material at a store or to a job $0.43/km is reimbursed.

  14. Use of the company vehicle for dumping garbage should be done with Snyder Construction trailers, management permission is needed if payment is required for dumping.

  15. Authorization for the 407 must be obtained before the job starts. Reimbursement for 407 will be given ONLY if it is the best route to the job. The 401 should always be used first.

  16.  Payment for far away jobs or safety meetings- If jobs are far away one hour of travel will be paid in total for the day. Management must be notified before the job or training commences.

  17. Gas and employee receipts- To receive payment a full receipt must be given. Without a receipt, no payment will be given. NO EXCEPTIONS. Receipts can either be physically dropped off or uploaded via Site 2 Site every pay week.

  18. No violence or harassment will be tolerated on the job site.

  19. Lateness will not be tolerated, following three related late notices, a written notice will be issued and employment will be terminated.

  20. Theft will result in immediate termination of employment.

  21. A good attitude, teamwork and cooperation are expected from each Snyder Construction employee.

  22. One month's notice must be given for holiday time or time off for any reason. 

  23. If you are sick or there is an emergency, you must call your supervisor AND the office by 7:00 am. Please call the office by phone at 905-655-5000 or if no answer please email Jane Snyder directly.

  24. Company vehicles are not to be used unless authorized by senior management.

  25. Truck logs and circle checks must be completed every time you drive company vehicles. Make sure gas gages are full in the trucks.

  26. Company vehicles are not to be taken on weekends or weeknights home. Company vehicles are to be returned to the shop/office after each day of work unless authorized by senior management.

  27. Office staff must use their Snyder Construction email and are not permitted to surf the internet while working.

  28. Employees must have completed First Aid or complete First Aid within the first month of employment, on their own time, and personally funded.

  29. Employees are given three paid sick days as per the Employment Standards Act, and will be given up to $200/day for a max of three days. The days do not need to be taken consecutively. These sick days can be used to care for someone in isolation or with Covid-19 symptoms.

  30. Employees who have been exposed to Covid-19 or are positive for Covid-19 are not permitted on work sites. Please stay home if you are a family member who has any symptoms of Covid-19.

  31. Enjoy your work, and work as a team!

Please complete the company rules quiz below.
You must achieve 100% to continue to the next module!

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