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Module 5

The following only applies to CARPENTERS and SUPERVISORS. 

If this does not apply to you please continue to the next module. 

  • Carpenters and Supervisors at Snyder Construction are able to have a company phone, should they wish to. It is your personal phone and work phone.

  • Company phones are for business use only when at work, abuse of personal use will not be tolerated and will be charged. 

  • Company phones are not to be taken out of the Province or Country. 

  • Only call local unless for business use. Long-distance calls must be kept to a minimum.

  • Do not go over data, as per our changes. 

  • Care must be taken not to damage or break the phone and only in certain circumstances will the company pay for a new phone if the employee is not at fault. 

  • Upgraded phones will be provided to employees every three years at no charge to the employee. 

  • Employees are permitted to use the phone for personal and business use. 

  • A fee of $25.00 per month will be charged to you for use of the cell phone. 

  • Snyder Construction has the right to check phones if negligent use is suspected. 

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