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Construction Signs


Module 8

To enter Snyder Construction job sites, it is MANDATORY to download these three apps.



This program is offered through an app. However, for today's training purposes please access it through a browser on a desktop or laptop with this link:

The office will set your account up. The username will be your first initial and your last name

(E.X. Jane Doe, jdoe), and the password will be "snyder".

Username: first initial last name (lowercase, no spaces)

Password: snyder



After logging in, click the question mark/help icon in the top right corner of the webpage.


Start with the home tab, followed by the: timecard, news, jobs, materials, people, schedule, equipment and settings tabs.


After each tab, you are required to click the question mark to bring you back to the listed tutorial options. 


SDS Mobile

Although Site2Site has many of the safety data sheets that you will use on Snyder Construction job sites, SDS Mobile offers a more comprehensive list of all updated safety data sheets.


OHSA Green Book

It is mandatory for all worksites to have an Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Green Book,


Android users also have the option of downloading this app to access and refer to relevant topics easily on your phone.

Once you have downloaded the required apps,
please show your supervisor for confirmation.

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